Nonprofit Spotlight: United Action for Youth


Since 1970, United Action for Youth located in Iowa City, Iowa has been providing programs to thousands of teenagers and parents in Johnson County and other surroundings counties. It provides a creative place for youth to have a voice and give back to their community.

The primary goal of UAY is to give teenagers an opportunity to gain self-esteem, skills and leadership that will benefit them later on in life. Through respect, excellence, collaboration, integrity, and stewardship, UAY is a safe place for teenagers under the age of twenty-one to find opportunities to create, grow, and lead.

UAY programs are offered at schools and agencies throughout the Iowa City area and provide many different opportunities for youth of all ages.

The teen parent program serves pregnant and/or parenting teens under the ages of twenty-one in Johnson County. With a curriculum focused on parents being the most important teacher in their child’s life, family support workers provide in-home parenting skill training and child development education to help create a nurturing home environment.

The transitional living program provides safe and stable housing for homeless youth 17-21 years of age in the Iowa City area. It is designed to provide support and education to help youth become independent and eventually live on their own.

UAY also provides counseling services and a number of different activities and services for teens and their parents. Six licensed therapists and counselors provide assistance on topics including family conflicts, depression or anxiety, trauma, and grief and loss to teens and/or their parents.

In 2013, UAY opened its first Youth Center in Iowa City providing a safe and comfortable space for teens to hangout and express themselves through art and music. With different activities scheduled everyday, the UAY Youth Center is the perfect spot for teens to hangout after school or on the weekends.

With all the different programs and services UAY offers, they hope to continue to inspire teenagers to create bright futures with hope and promise.

For more information about the programs and services UAY provides, visit their website at

~Pictures taken from the United Action for Youth website



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